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Coming Soon: Indiana Jones and the Mongol Mystery Crate!

You say you wish you could go with us on The Mongol Rally. Oh how we wish you could join us too!!

You can track us on social media as we drive across three deserts and five mountain ranges. You can get out a very very large world map and drive your Hot Wheels over the across 1/3 of the earths land mass, OR you can take a part of this epic adventure by helping us on our fundraising efforts, and in return, we want to send you your very own Mongol Mystery Crate!

For $75 USD you will receive a mystery crate at the end of our epic adventures filled with interesting, surprising and delightful objects from this adventure. Indiana Jones type stuff (minus the snakes) that will be curated just for you!! If you have kids just let us know; we can scout some great things that will be fun, educational and perhaps spark a lifetime of curiosity and love for geography/history/culture/adventure. You can’t get that from a textbook.

Each crate will be different and we can’t tell you what will be in it (since we don’t know yet) but we promise you that it will be delightful! Not only will you become one of our supporters, you will have literally have pieces of memento from our adventure and we hope it will inspire adventures of your own.

What is in the Mongol Rally Mystery Crate? Well…we are traveling through 13 countries and the possibilities are endless…It could have:

  • Set of Matyoshka Dolls from Russia
  • Caviar from the Caspian Sea
  • Watercolor from Prague
  • “My friends went to Mongolia and all I got was this crappy t-shirt” t-shirt
  • Tea towel from Ukraine
  • Drinking horn from Georgia
  • A wooden stake to thwart Count Dracula
  • A 5×7 print from our original, incredible photography
  • Kazakstan Policeman’s badge
  • Postcard signed by the Mafia
  • A piece of our car (an extra bolt, spring, sprocket after a repair)
  • A scarf from the Silk Road
  • Local spices
  • Tacky Russian figurine we won in a bet
  • Pinecone from Siberia
  • Mongolia Yak bone bracelet
  • Haiku from mile 9000
  • Embroidered lace from Hungary

Or it could be none of those things. The Mongol Rally is not a planned tour, it is an ADVENTURE and none of us knows what will unfold or how which is why this is so exciting. We want you to a part of this excitement!

In addition to the mystery crate, you will also be entered to win some excellent prizes our sponsors have so generously contributed to our fundraising.

Prizes Include:

Purchase a mystery crate and help send Charlie, Pamela and I on this epic adventure as your own personal magpie!

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