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Improv Class: life lessons from a 92 year old up-and-comer

I called my firecracker Aunt Toodie to check in:

Me: I hear you filmed a TV show?!
Aunt Toodie: The premiere is tonight! In Brentwood! At a mansion!
Me: wow, so this is a big deal?
Aunt Toodie: It’s just a pilot. Let’s see if it gets picked up by one of the networks first. But if it is, the producers promised me a role.
Me: As what? What’s the plot?
Aunt Toodie: I’m the maid!
Me: Wait- they cast s 92-year-old maid?
Aunt Toodie: Yes, but you know I feel 43, so…
Me: haha! *uncomfortable pause as I sit up just a bit straighter*
Aunt Toodie: It’s called “The Vices”. I play the ‘nice’ one! Everyone else is horrible: the governor is a skirt-chaser, the wife is an alcoholic, the kids are selfish, the cook is mean.
Me: How did an up-and-comer like you you get this part?
Aunt Toodie: My improv coach recommended me. I’ve been taking improv classes for the past 1.5 years. I learned so much!
Me: wow, so what did improv teach you?
Aunt Toodie:
1) don’t judge others
2) wait until people respond
3) give people the benefit of doubt
4) watch how they treat people/situations before you react
5) rely on your instincts
6) be naïve
7) have fun!

Main Entry: up-and-comer
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: comer
Synonyms: VIP achiever affluential catalyst doer dynamo enterprising person entrepreneur generator go-getter heavy hitter heavyweight leader lightning rod man of influence mover palpable presence pathfinder player presence producer rising star spark plug trailblazer upstart wheeler and dealer whip

Me: Can we add “firecracker” to that list?!


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